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Outfit of the Week- Leopard Print Dress

Outfit of the Week- Leopard Print Dress

Outfit of the Week

Try an outfit that is fun and feisty. This leopard print dress gives you a figure flattering belted look and a playful pattern as a base layer to play up fun accessories. We recommend sticking with just one item that’s leopard print, especially since this is a large portion of your look.

For shoes, try these suede rhinestone embellished black peep toe pumps. They compliment the dresswith their…

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Leopard and Red by chicastic featuring high heel pumps

Office Shoes

Office Heels

You have work the next day and you’re deciding what to wear. Pants? Maybe a dress or skirt? Now you have to figure out your accessories, bag, and shoes. The jewelry and purse are the easy part. The shoes, however, will affect how comfortable you are all day.

Every office has a different dress code. Some are very strict on what’s acceptable business attire and some are extremely casual allowing…

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Cocktail Rings by chicastic featuring cocktail rings
Summer to Fall Totes by chicastic featuring a brown purse
Office Heels by chicastic featuring high heel pumps

Summer to Fall Totes

Summer to Fall Totes

Fall Totes

September is just around the corner. It’s so hard to let go of our fun summer clothes and accessories. Soon it will be too cold for sandals and tank tops, but we don’t have to say goodbye to summer entirely. Some beach totes can sneak by and be used for storing school books or all your goodies from fairs and apple picking.

The key to transitioning a summer bag to fall is the colors. Your pursesho…

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Eighties Party Outfit Ideas

Eighties Party Outfit Ideas

Eighties Fashion

We love a party with a theme and one fun theme is the eighties. Use it for your birthday, a bachelorette party, or attend an eighties dance night at a club. Whatever the event, here are some tips to help you look the part.

The eighties had a few key elements when it came to fashion. Shiny metallic fabrics, bright colors, layered accessories, and awesome hair. When picking out your ensemble, a…

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ELSA Halloween Costume Idea

ELSA Halloween Costume Idea

ELSA Halloween Costume ELSA Halloween Costume by chicastic featuring rhinestone pumps


Elsa from Disney’s Frozen is one of those spunky characters, full of zest, determination and courage. No wonder every little girl in the world wants to be her! And why not? Look at that fantastic dress! Of course, you can still be spunky and sexy with this twist on her iconic blue outfit! She commands the ice, so sparkling s…

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Throwback Thursday- Troop Beverly Hills

Throwback Thursday- Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills was a fun movie about a group of Wilderness Girls. Shelley Long’s character, troop leader Phyllis, was super into fashion. Some of her outfits were a little over the top, but she did have quite the sense of style. Her love of fashion even inspired her to update her uniform to look more chic.

It’s been 25 years since the movie came out and we wonder, if Phyllis was leading a…

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